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The mining

The exploring of the natural occurrence and the planning process need the valuable time and investments. The “Dobryn” company spent many facilities for the preparatory works were made. The means were sent to the technical items and tools purchases and the workers’ wages in particular. This is the time and finance-consuming operation that consist of the several important stages.

The manufacturing

The stone processing factory in the Chopovychi village owned by the “Dobryn” company is equipped with the most modern appointments for the stone working. Here are presented both the Italian manufacturing line for the chopped paving production and the Polish stone-working machines with the program guidance for the sawn granite production of the high level geometry features.

The delivery

Our company exports the stone blocks and the granite products in accordance with all requirements the country-importer has. We provide the clients with all necessary documentation at the same time. The customs registration is done later in the same day just after the goods dispatch out the factory.


Our production

  • Block
  • Curbs
  • Paving stone
  • Quarrystone
  • Granite slabs
  • Tombstone
  • Paving tile
  • Facing tile
  • Window sills
  • Table-top
  • Ladder steps

Why we are chosen by the consumers

Because we are the professionals

Dobryn is the huge variety of the granite goods

The “Dobryn” company – the leading manufacturing organization with the powerful raw material base – the personal opencast workings for the gabbro and granite mining and the well-equipped the manufacturing platform – the highly productive stone processing factory. OOO “Dobryn” since 2010 – the open-cast working owner next to the Buki village, Malinskiy region, Zhytomyr district. The place of “bukinskiy” gabbro occurrence. The gabbro we mine is registered under the trading stamp “Galant Nero Dobryn”. The gabbro of the “Galant Nero Dobryn” trade name is the black-colored, fine-grained material with the high density and water saturation. This kind of gabbro mined in Buki is considered as the real sample among all the fossils centered on the Ukrainian territory. The “bukinskiy” gabbro “Galant Nero Dobryn” is the most suitable material for the monuments and tombstones manufacturing, due its compact texture and the vibrant black color. The “Dobryn” company owned the open-cast working for the red (pink) granite mining – the Kyshynskiy natural occurrence has become of “Dobryn” since 2013. Back then, in 2013 the technical operations just began and, after the active mining works started in spring of 2014, the company is able to offer the wide range of the guaranteed granite production now. The granite mined in Kyshyn of Olevsk region is registered under the trade name “Rosa Kyshyn”. This kind of the granite product is the beautiful, the medium-grained material with the bright red and pink sprinklings – “Rosa Kyshyn” will certainly decorate every façade or the most refined interior.

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