Ladder steps

Stairs made of granite from “Dobryn” are very popular among architects and consumers due to its longevity, durability and beauty.


There are many reasons why you should choose the stairs of granite, but the determining factor in this choice of law should be the special combination of natural beauty and a unique strength that are hallmarks of granite. Levels of gabbro and granite produced Ltd. “Dobryn” perfect for any building, private and public space.

Since granite steps made by “Dobryn” proven themselves as a wear-resistant material, but today they are used as a floor covering throughout. There are several types of stone surface treatment, depending on where it will be located level. If, for example, is a grand staircase, will be useful for anti-sliding type of treatment. The floors are made of granite can be called eternal, unless of course comply with all the technology installation.

Most recently, this material is only used in the construction of railway stations, subways, underpasses, as its availability for a large number of consumers was limited. But today, buy granite steps of the manufacturer Ltd. “Dobryn” is possible at a reasonable price. Therefore, there is more and more shopping and entertainment facilities, where the stairs are made of granite. Not far behind them and offices as well as the bed of granite steps once you for many years to forget about them, even if it will take place on a thousand people a day. As of this material are obtained aesthetic and practical floors, both inside and outside the office.

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