No material for countertops such as granite mining companies “Dobryn.” It is durable, does not absorb moisture, is able to maintain for decades its original appearance. Countertops made of granite and gabbro from “Dobryn” is equally suitable for the bathroom – thanks to its water resistant qualities, and kitchen and dining room – thanks to the resistance to mechanical damage.
Granite countertops, by nature with a unique design and original color shades give exclusivity to any room. Table tops made of natural stone to create a harmony of wood, metal, ceramics and glass. It’s not just the decor and functional elements in the design that will adorn the house. Countertops made of gabbro and granite manufactured in stone-working factory LLC “Dobryn” can be of various shapes – the classic, square, round, oval, in the form of drops, semi-oval and any other that fits the design. The edge of the countertop made in the form of direct or rounded cut, bevel.


Table tops made of natural stone are beautiful, practical and durable. Thanks to modern technology the table top can be made of any shape, but the pattern appeared on her because of the nature, will be unique and will not be repeated anywhere else. They are much more practical than the wooden counterparts, because they do not rot and they do not need to touch up each year. They are waterproof and frost-resistant. These countertops will long to please their masters pristine views – no natural conditions: no water, no sun, no temperature differences can not inflict significant damage.

Articles of stone from “Dobryn” will be a good addition to any interior and will satisfy the most demanding taste. By itself, the range of products made of natural stone emphasizes the refined taste and makes the house comfortable and stylish.

Countertops made of stone – it is the practical element of the interior of any room, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or room of the restaurant or bar. Granite countertop has a lot of advantages in addition to what she looks stunningly beautiful and elegant. Natural stone mining companies “Dobryn” can not be confused with any other material, even if imitation stone skillfully made and in good faith. Stone immediately makes the room a feeling of good quality and respectability, so the granite countertop is a uniquely decorate any space.

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