Window sills

Window sills of granite from “Dobryn” have a particular elegance and spectacular. If the owner of the premises, whether it is a private home, office or public space, wants to give the interior a high status and charm, can not do without granite window sills.


Especially as window sills made of natural stone is much stronger and more durable than the products of plastic or wood. Window sills of gabbro and granite manufactured in stone-working factory LLC “Dobryn” is not afraid to temperature changes and moisture, resistant to mechanical damage, and for many decades, retain their original appearance.

If you choose a window sill of granite, it’s all around and will talk about your good taste. Window sills of gabbro and granite from “Dobryn” is used in libraries, offices, living rooms. People who are familiar with the quality and style of granite window sills from the company “Dobryn” will not have prefer some other choice.

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