Facing tile

Granite and gabbro mining companies “Dobryn” is a material premium and stone cladding – standard of prestige and respectability. Plates facing made by “Dobryn” can be used in both horizontal and vertical wall. Granite, as the facing material, unlike its synthetic analogues has practically unlimited service life (at least 100 years). The use of natural stone in the long term, economically profitable, as even at high loads a stone was losing its natural beauty over time, hardly in need of care and renovation. This is perfect for facing the cap, curtain walls, platforms and steps.
Facing plates from “Dobryn” have a significant advantage over their competitors artificial: the ability to manufacture products of non-standard sizes and shapes in the desired quantity. It may be part of mosaic, large-format plates or products of non-standard configurations. Whereas, for example, the majority of artificial facing plates have a fixed size only. Therefore, facing facades of artificial material will be significantly more joints that will affect the durability and appearance of the object.
Despite all the advantages of natural stone, the final result does not depend only on the material. Work on the wall, we recommend to trust only a professional with experience Tiles stone. It is in their hands it becomes a beautiful facade intact, even monolithic floor or the magnificent mosaics.

Плитка облицовочная

Granite slabs and slabs of gabbro, custom stone-working factory LLC “Dobryn”, due to high strength, durability, moisture and frost resistance, low coefficient of abrasion, ideal for facing the following items: granite flooring, interior and exterior granite steps at the facilities with high traffic (subway, train stations, subways, shopping and entertainment facilities, offices, etc.); The facades, plinths and entrances. Perfect for facilities in the regions with a harsh climate (temperature extremes, high humidity, sand storms); Objects City furniture – fountains, quays, outdoor swimming pools; Memorial complex and urban monuments; Elements of landscape architecture.

Facing front granite slab from the manufacturer, the company “Dobryn” will not only give the house an elegant look, but it’s also a great barometer of good taste, an indicator of success and prosperity. Granite tiles will last a long time, while preserving its appearance.

Granite produced Dobryn Ltd. – is a living material, and if you meet all the subtleties of working with him, a great granite cladding will be pleasing to the eye for many years. We feel, how to work with stone, and are happy to share their feelings and emotions with you!

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