Paving tile

Scope slabs, manufactured by “Dobryn” is wide enough. It is an urban area, parking areas and sidewalks in front of buildings, parks and squares, on the quays, near the memorials, the area outside the underground halls, railway stations, shopping centers, etc. – Wherever you need increased durability and simplicity of operation under heavy load. From sawn paving them differ only in size – larger than all plates 200×200 mm intended for laying on the street can be regarded as paving slabs.

Плитка для мощения

An important advantage of such plates before the paving stones is much faster and easier, and therefore less expensive installation. Furthermore, often the cost of manufacture per square meter of plate can be lower than sawn pavers. At the same time you get a flat surface with a minimum of seams, perfectly comfortable for any shoe and safe at any time of the year. In the harsh climate of the northern regions of the slabs of granite have virtually no competitors among the materials for road improvement.

Since granite slabs used in the street, the vast majority of them are Company “Dobryn” makes a mandatory anti-skid surface – heat-treated or buchardirovannoy textured front surface.

Slabs modular sizes are formed into various mosaics. When used together, paving slabs and the number of possible layouts in the hundreds. A slab of granite combining different colors, you can create unique designs. Such paving the city will allocate object among asphalt and concrete tiles to emphasize the individuality and create a mood – on a suburban area or resort.

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