When choosing the granite monument, it is first necessary to decide on its form. There are five main forms of granite monuments from the manufacturer, the company “Dobryn”:

Надгробные памятники

1. Standard granite monuments, which are produced by a particular pattern. These sites usually have a rectangular (horizontal or vertical) the form on which the picture and name of the deceased and his dates of birth and death.

2. The shaped granite monuments have more complex geometries. At the same time, you can choose the desired shape of your tombstone.

3. Crosses usually prefer deeply religious people who adhere strictly to the tenets of the Christian faith. Thus granite crosses can produce any shape.

4. Sculptures made of granite. This type of granite monuments satisfied only by individual order. In this case, it made a sculpture of the deceased person.

5. Memorial granite monument is the most difficult because it is a whole architectural composition, which includes figure headstone, table and bench, stone fences and other details.

Naturally, the more complex the shape of granite monument, the more expensive it will be, however, and even more beautiful and unique to this monument.

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