The high grade granite slabs – the offer from “Dobryn” company

The steadfast slab made of the natural granite is the qualitative material used for inner and outer lining. Our company offers to all customers the high grade product of the solid naturally occurring stone – the construction item is receded in the “Dobryn” own outcrop granite mine. The specialists of our manufacturing establishment ensure each consumer with the professional service and the natural product of prime quality only.
The granite blanks presented in “Dobryn” portfolio will be in asset for the realization of the most brilliant design solutions. The slab-type front lining makes the exterior of any building really attractive and sophisticated.

Гранитные слябы

The granite slabs, that our company supplies the market with, possess the high technical qualities. The stone blanks are considered by the experts as the biggest in area join-free items for lining. That is why the usage of this natural material is always actual and practical for construction applications.
The basic parameters of the granite slabs are:

  1. The humidity and low temperature resistance;
  2. The solidness feature;
  3. The durability;
  4. The longevity.

Besides the high level quality wearing, the granite joint-free blanks are suitable for the wide raw of applications. The slabs are applicable for the granite production manufacture and as the main lining material in the construction sphere. The natural stone blanks ae used for:

  1. The floor and stairs lining – the solid material for the constructional operation;
  2. The front building lining and the sole plates erection (the rigorous climate conditions has no effects on the granite made constructions);
  3. The production of the lasting mantel shelves and window-sills;
  4. The manufacture of different tabletops;
  5. Making the individual regalia, memorials, monuments.

Contact us, the company “Dobryn” – and you will get the natural products made of the solid high-grade granite stone! Each purchaser could rely on the competency of our specialists. The “Dobryn” company representatives would choose for you the most suitable slabs in order of size – let all your trailblazing projects in construction field come embodied!

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