Buy road granite curb, sidewalk, curb, parking curbs and landscaping edgings made by “Dobryn” is not difficult. The cost of the curb traffic depends on the material from which it is made, the size and surface texture. Specify how much you can curb the sales department Company “Dobryn.” Border narrow groove, road, flowers and flower beds – the whole range of products from a warehouse and under the order.


It is not always offered by a particular company borders correspond to the client’s request. Production of curbs does not stand still. In modern construction are increasingly used non-standard borders. In the stone-working factory of the company “Dobryn” is always ready to fulfill all your wishes, whether it’s high, landscape borders, border traffic, parking curb or sidewalk, curb-to-measure. Our production allows to make any curbs, but are not limited to GOST. Such products are in demand in the improvement and restoration of private areas, churches, shopping, entertainment venues, memorials and monuments. Custom borders emphasize individuality and good taste of the owner of the object. Pavement curbs is a decorative product and bears the aesthetic function. Combining stone Sidewalk board of different types, you can create a completely unique design of territory. The cost of border check with the experts of Sales Ltd. “Dobryn.”

The dimensions, proportions, end profile and topography of the border can be varied, and depend only on the customer’s needs. Turning to our company you will surely get a beautiful landscaped stone curbs for garden or parking area to the curb area for parking cars.


Board stone – one of the key elements of paving roads. It is used for separating the roadway from the sidewalks, lawns, public transport, car parks, and for the registration of garden paths, fountains, artificial ponds.

Border narrow (such 5GP) is widespread in the private sector, as well as non-standard borders. Their advantage – the relative ease of installation, because the weight of a fraction of the “road” of borders.

Granite curbs GP 1 (straight line with the size of 1000h300h150) separates the roadway from pavements and lawns.

Border marks SE 3 separates the roadway from the pavement on bridges and overpasses.

Granite curbs SE 4 serves to separate the transition paths and sidewalks from lawns, etc.


Just a stone board, the price of which the company “Dobryn” is quite acceptable, is holding frame for laying pavers, paving slabs and other types of pavement. Border for the pavers used in landscaping, the construction of dwelling houses and industrial buildings, in road construction. In addition to framing function, edging pavers eliminates contact with the road, has protected the pedestrians from traffic accidents. Border made of natural stone is used not only because of its high physical and mechanical properties, but also as an element of decor. Granite curbs and paving stones in the right combination look great together. Harmonizing with greenery and flowers curbs and paving bring to the environment style, taste and charm.

Production of curbs is one of the main companies “Dobryn.” Making borders – a very important process. Since granite – very hard material, its processing is very complex. And make beautiful stone curbs without use of special tools is simply impossible. For the production of curbs Company “Dobryn” uses only high-strength rock stone. With a large supply of raw materials in the warehouse and its own production facilities, we are ready to manufacture products in accordance with the guests, and non-standard (polished, relief, profile, Multifacture) in any quantity.

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