Tactile plate

Tactile Plate

Tactile plates are essential in the provision of urban amenities. They provide all necessary information for self-orientation and moving in city infrastructure to sight-disabled people. The surface of tactile signs must be grooved and slip-proof because sight-disabled people should easily recognize the sights visually or by touch. Also, the surface should differ in color and structure from the close-fitting road surface.

The OOO “Dobryn” produces keyway platen materials and warning granite tactile plates. Keyway platens are plates with lengthwise ledges. They indicate the direction of traffic. Warning plates are plates with ledges in the form of a conoid. These plates in the checkerboard order will indicate the invincible obstacles on the way of pedestrians. Plates with ledges in the form of a conoid in linear order are used to warn the pedestrian about his coming to a staircase or doorway.

All tactile plates must have an increased enduring quality to intense mechanical stress according to the GOST N52875-2018. It makes granite the ideal material for their production. The Dobryn company produces granite tactile plates in full accordance with All-Union state standard (GOST) requirements. If you decide to place the order, you can be sure of the high quality of our products. POA 

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Conoid plates in linear order


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