Small Functional Architectural Forms

Small Functional Architectural Forms

A special place refers to small architectural forms (SAF) when it comes to the provision of urban amenities. These are structures with simple architectural functions and complementing the general urban landscape. Walking around the city, we can observe such examples, and each of them has its purpose or function. Trees are decorated with protective barrels and fences. Flowers are planted in beautiful tubs made of natural granite of black, gray, or red color. Even benches are made of granite with wood flooring, and granite litter-boxes are placed on the streets to keep the streets clean.

Road development items belong to the separate group of functional SAF. To organize parking areas, there are granite hemispheres, delineators, posts, and bollards. When arranging sidewalks, granite gutters are used to drain rainwater. A comfortable descent and rolling-in of strollers and bicycles are provided by granite ramps.

Using granite for the manufacturing of small architectural forms is quite logical. This material is beautiful and durable and will not lose its splendor after decades. Granite grade – gabbro, mined in the Bukinskoye field owned by the Dobryn company, is ideal for the manufacture of functional SAFs. It has a high density and low water absorption. So, these features speak of the excellent physical and mechanical properties of gabbro. And its rich black color will give a noble appearance to products.

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