Decorative Small Architectural Forms

Decorative Small Architectural Forms

Decorative small architectural forms are used to make the landscape on the territory more aesthetic. Granite has been actively used for the production of these structures in big cities in recent years. They help to make the unique urban character and to complete the beauty of the streets.

It is difficult to imagine the landscape of the cottage steads without small architectural forms (SAFs). A fountain or granite vase will look so beautiful and appropriately next to the paths paved with natural stone.

The Dobryn company produces decorative granite small architectural forms of any type and different kinds of surface processing. According to your project, our specialists can make granite balls of various diameters or granite vases and planter boxes for flowers, bushes, and other plants. Also, we produce monuments, steles, bases for pedestals, fences, and other special-purpose products.

We always have available raw materials for production thanks to our own open-cut mining establishments. There is constant monitoring of the product quality at every stage of the production at our factory. Our company esteems each customer and provides him individual beneficial terms of the partnership.

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