Paving Flagstone

Paving Flagstone 

The area of ​​application of granite paving flagstones is quite huge. These are city squares, parking, platforms, and sidewalks in front of buildings, in parks and squares, on embankments, near memorials, the territory of outdoor underground pavilions, railway stations, shopping and entertainment centers, etc. This building material will be suitable for any surface where durability and unpretentious exploitation are required under heavy load. Paving flagstones are similar to sawn paving stones and differ from them in their overall dimensions. We make paving flagstones in various sizes and with different types of surface processing. 

An important advantage of paving flagstones over paving stones is faster, easier, and therefore less expensive installation. But, quite often the cost of manufacturing a square meter of paving flagstones can be lower than that of sawn paving stones. At the same time, you get a flat surface with a minimum of seams, absolutely comfortable for any shoe and safe at any time of the year. In the harsh climate of the northern regions, granite paving flagstone as a building material has almost no competitors among materials for road improvement. 

Paving flagstone of modular sizes can be folded into different mosaics. With the combined use of these plates and paving stones, the number of possible layouts is measured in hundreds. And by combining granite slabs of different colors, you can create unique ornaments. Such paving will distinguish an urban object from asphalt or concrete paving flagstone and in a suburban area – emphasize the individuality and create an exceptional atmosphere. 

Since granite paving flagstones are used on the street, the Dobryn company produces them with anti-slip treatment – heat-treated or bush-hammered texture of the front surface. 

Also, in the Dobryn company, you can order paving flagstone with a polished or hot-press surface. Such paving flagstones are usually used for wall cladding, fountains, decoration of entrance groups, building facades. Granite paving flagstone beautifully fits into the interior of country houses, making it unrepeatable and eye-catching.

PON (Price on Application)


Processing Type Size 
Heat-treated 300х150х30
Bush-hammered 300х150х50
Aqua-treated 300х150х80
Shot-blasted 300х300х30
Polished 300х300х50
Sanded 300х300х80
Polished 600х300х30
And other sizes on request 

    Treatment type