Paving Stone 

Granite paving stone is a building material made from natural granite. Its history of application goes back for several centuries. First, paving stone was used to pave floors in temples, and later it was used for laying out on pavements and other outdoor surfaces. Granite is a very durable and weather-resistant stone that is not negatively affected by atmospheric precipitation, so the pitched paving stones have served qualitatively for a decade, practically without repair. Some roads with paving stones have been perfectly preserved to these days. 

Today, paving stones are the most popular material in landscape design. It is used for laying out pedestrian zones in parks and squares, for decorating parking spaces and lanes in country houses. In addition to durability, granite paving stone looks very aesthetically and presentable. It successfully suits any exterior due to the variety of shapes, types of processing, and colors. The color of the paving stone depends on the place of granite origin from which it was made. 

The Dobryn company independently extracts and processes granite, so we can offer you a wide range, perfect quality, and the best price for granite paving stone. 


Pitch-faced granite paving stone is a cube with uneven edges. Due to this feature of production, the pitch-faced paving stone is difficult to use as a coating for a perfectly flat lane, but this disadvantage is successfully overcome by benefits such as good cost, strength, and durability. 

Pitch-faced paving paths do not become slippery when it’s rainy or it snows, and they also have a noble retro look. During the operational period, irregularities are smoothed out, and this makes the coating even more aesthetic, creating an atmosphere of comfort and romance. 


Sawn-pitched building stone is a type of granite paving stone, where perfectly smooth sawn and pitch-faced edges are present in one product. It combines the main advantages of sawn and pitch-faced paving stone and could be two types: 

  1. Paving stone, where the upper and lower sides are sawn, and all sides are pitch-faced, is also called “Frenchman”. The upper edge is additionally heat-treated to give anti-slip properties. This way, this type of paving obtains a flat surface while maintaining the effect of antiquity due to the pitch-faced edges. 
  2. Paving stones with sawn sides and pitched top and bottom are called “pencil”. When using such sawn-pitched paving stone, the seam is smooth and clear, and the pitch-faced top has anti-slip properties without additional heat treatment. Due to this, production costs are significantly reduced, which allows our company to offer the most favorable price. 


Due to its aesthetic appearance and wide range of applications, full-sawn paving stones are considered the best option for paving. It has perfectly smooth sawn sides, and the upper side is additionally heat-treated, giving to this building stone advanced anti-slip properties. Full-sawn paving stones allow designers to experiment with the layout, and if you use paving stones of different colors, you can create beautiful ornaments. When pitching this type of paving stone, the seams are minimal, so it is convenient to walk on it even on heels, roll strollers, and children’s bicycles. 


Tumbled paving stone is a matte stone with smooth rounded edges. It resembles a large sea pebble. For its production, pitch-faced paving stones are used which are rotated for a long time in a special mixer drum with the presence of abrasive substances. This kind of processing gives the paving stone an antique look and allows perfectly complementing many elements of landscape design. 

PON (Price on Application)


Processing Type Size 
Pitch-Faced 100х100х50
Sawn-Pitched 100х100х80
Full-Sawn 200х100х50
Tumbled 200х100х80
And other sizes on request 

    Type of processing