Granite curbstone is applied in the road improvement for site parceling, bordering, and enhancing roadway surface or pavements. Unlike concrete, granite curbs are much more durable and service-strong. This curbing material obtains advanced resistance to precipitation and is not damaged by a snowplow.

According to the GOST 32018-2012, the following types of curbs are selected depending on their purpose:

  • GP1 curb to border driveways and inter-block roads from pavements and lawns;
  • GP2 curb to border driveways from pavements at exits and in tunnels;
  • GP3 curb to border driveways from pavements on bridges and overpasses;
  • GP4 and GP5 curbs to border sidewalks from lawns;
  • GP6 curb for entries from driveways to pavements.

In addition to the standard stones, we manufacture curbs of all sizes, and we can make a texture of the surface heat-treated, polished, or bush-hammered. According to the GOST, curbstones may have a random length from 700 mm to 2000 mm. At customer’s option, the Dobryn company can produce measuring curbs of length you require.

To line up rounded areas, a radial or curved curb is applied. Our company produces both standard and other technically feasible radial curbs. Our specialists can advise you and help you to choose the right bordering product for curbing.

PON (Price on Application)

Processing Type Size
Sawn GP1 300х150хL
Polished GP2 400х180хL
Thermal GP3 600х200хL
Bush-hammered GP4  200х100хL
GP5 200х80хL
GP6 200х150хL
Radial curbs

    Treatment type