Company “Dobryn” – a powerful production company embodies the “rich” resource base – own quarries gabbro and granite and well-equipped production platform – high stone-processing plant.
Ltd. “Dobryn” is engaged in the mining and sale of granite (including export with full customs clearance) of raw materials and granite products from our own quarries. We are the owners of granite quarries in the Bukinskiy (black) gabbro and Kishinskiy (rose) granite fields.

With recent advances in the mining and processing of granite, as well as modern diamond tools, production is carried out of ​​the gentlest method that allows preserving the structure, to avoid fracture, reduce the time and improve the quality of our manufactured products.

Our production capacity:

Stone Factory: Ukraine, Zhytomyrskiy region, Malynskiy area, Chopovichi village.

Our factory is equipped with high-tech equipment that enables to produce a wide range of granite products, from standard tombstones to complex architectural forms, memorial complexes. Crosses and vases, bowls and balusters. Columns and fountains. Granite cobbles of different sizes and textures, which is used for paving roadways, and for pedestrian areas. Road, pavement and garden borders. Storm water drain. Facing (facade, ground) tiles. Slabs for paving with sawn, bush hammered or heat-treated surface. Granite window sills. Treads and risers.

All products are certified and comply with the first class of radiation safety standards, so you can use it without any restrictions.

We offer business partnership building and stone processing companies. We invite you to cooperate with companies interested in high-volume delivery and long-term cooperation with us, as well as businesspeople in other countries working in the field of sales of granite products.

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